About Us
Carlo Gerosa's dream became reality in 1957 when he decided to start his own business to manufacture machines for the baking industry according to his own ideas, which were then well ahead of his time and which he had developed in the course of years of experience with mechanical equipment for the food industry.

In a small engineering shop located in Valmadrera Carlo Gerosa immediately started to manufacture dividing machines, moulders, automatic mixers and group, obtaining recognition and appreciation for quality and innovative features.

After such a promising start his son Achille, concentrated all of his efforts in the acquisition of new tools and machinery for the workshop as well as in research for new technical solutions for his products.

Throughout the 70's Gerosa developed stamping machines with multiple rotary head, automatic group, volumetric dividers, multiple rolling machines and a whole series of automatic lines.

In 1981 Gerosa obtained in Bonn its first European patent for the "PROMETEO" system for the automatic loading of oven frames, with a revolutionary machine which greatly improved the existing working methods.

During the years that followed the international patents grew in number and Gerosa brought out more and more innovative systems which got high recognition and conquered a particular niche in the market.

In 1987 Gerosa moved to the new plant of via Vassena and subsequently his daughters and son came into the business.

In spite of the substantial changes in the market brought by the recent years, the Gerosa philosophy has remained on the winning side. Its technical choices and the adopted principles of automation have rendered the production lines using Gerosa machines in full compliance with the strictest European standards of safety and hygiene, without altering the characteristics of a personalised baking process.

Gerosa has now reached the dimensions of an industry, but enthusiasm and interest in the work we are doing are as great as ever.

Continued dedication to research and to the satisfaction of customers are still an imperative, and so is the ambition to ensure the highest levels of quality, reliability and service, a sure guarantee that the purchase of a Gerosa machine is a safe investment.